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Montag, 5. August 2013

Best of Pride 2013 - Gotta love those crazy people :))

Ihr Lieben,

Heute habe ich mal die besten Fotos der gestrigen Pride Parade fuer euch zusammen gestellt. War wie immer ein riesen Spass zuzuschauen. :) Hoffe euch gefallen die Bilder.
Ich mach mich jetzt mal auf den Weg zum Strand Sonne tanken! :)

Walking down Davie Street to see the parade
Here we go - Sin City Fetish Nightclub :)
The condom fairies =D They gave out tons of condoms - thank you, guys! ;)
Interesting weirdness going on here.
... and some more here :))
She sure had fun! :))
Even my bank participated in the parade :)

Now ain't he cute? What a handsome dude! (Talking about the man in the middle of course! ;))
Whatever floats your boat... ;)
Ok, this was the weirdest part of the parade. But interesting for sure! :)

This is my favorite photo. Look at the facial expression of the guy on the right. Haha
Clean Sober Proud - You guys rocked the parade!

Pretty Thai ladies
The colorful version of the Canadian flag :)

Every banana wants to be a Chiquita banana :)
Gotta love that guy for wearing this monster of a costume!
The gay / lesbian lawyers

Hooray for BOOBIES! :D

Nice hair-do! :)
Geeky stuff! ;)

Na na na na na na na..... BATMAN! :D :D

I'm sexy and I know it! :)
Look at that body, I work out! :)
More geekiness :D 

Even PETA was part of Pride!

Agreed! Love has no limits!

She sure had fun :D

Sausage or Muffin? ;)

Cheers from sunny Vancouver!


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